Utilities are under extreme pressure with new government regulations; changing economic climate utilities face growing challenges to enhance reliability, while dealing with aging infrastructure and increasing regulatory scrutiny. Blackouts can be catastrophic events, both in terms of financial and customer relations perspective. In addition, budget constraints cannot justify full-time staff with expertise in many areas.

Maxisys offers innovative solutions and services to support the critical needs of utilities transmission, distribution, and power generation. Maxisys has experience and knowledge to study system conditions and recommend alternate approaches that reduce the risk and meet NERC and FERC regulations.  With modeling and simulation experience work with utilities to resolve problems before outages occur.

Maxisys’s staff  has worked with many utility for over 25 years on operations, planning, system design, Information Technology Integration and outsourcing. Maxisys brings the experience and understanding necessary to effectively support mission critical business, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Real time network applications and power systems applications within the electric utility.

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